Why Filter Water?

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Removes harmful

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Home Homespring

Much better for the
environment than
bottled mineral water.

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Good for your diet =
good for your health!

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Tastes great

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Cheaper than bottled
mineral water.

About Homespring

Homespring is a company based in Switzerland, dedicated to bringing people healthy, clean and great tasting water.

As a society we are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy diet, yet over 90% of what we consume each day is water. The water we consume every day should be given just as much consideration as our diet.

Our mission is help people drink the best quality water at home, at work and on-the-go.  We also firmly believe that clean water should not contribute to the growing issue of plastic pollution and our water filters eliminate the need for disposable plastic water bottles.

Homespring provides water filtration products to individuals and businesses to ensure people have access to excellent drinking water.


Our products can all be self-installed and include full instructions

If you want assistance with installation we have an extensive network of professional subcontractors throughout Switzerland who are certified and insured to install our products at your home or business.

Our engineers will carry out checks after the work is complete and take you through the system and installation. They will also be able to answer any questions you have and demonstrate how to change your filters if you want to know.

We promise that if there is ever a problem, we will return quickly to fix it.

Home Homespring

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