Homespring is a water filtration company based in Switzerland founded by two young entrepreneurs.  We are passionate about water, and our mission is to bring people healthy, clean, and great tasting water at home, at work and on-the-go.  We are equally passionate that clean water should not contribute to the growing issue of plastic pollution.  With more bottled mineral water being sold than ever before, our planet is overrun with plastic waste.  And ironically, it is this plastic pollution that is the cause of micro plastics being found everywhere from our deep oceans to the bottled mineral water we look to for clean water.

The importance of a healthy diet in order to lead a healthy life is widely accepted yet over 90% of what we consume each day is water.  The water we consume every day should be given just as much consideration as our diet.

Switzerland and many other developed countries like Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, have some of the most sophisticated and regulated drinking water industries in the world.  However, there are increasing concerns around two main issues: (1) a growing presence of pesticides, heavy metals, detergents and other toxic chemicals in water sources used for drinking water, and (2) the processes and chemicals (mainly chlorine) used in water treatment.  Both of these issues may present significant risks to our long-term health that can be easily avoided by filtering the water you drink.

For many people, drinking bottled mineral water is a way to avoid the potential risks of tap water.  Whilst this removes health risks (though recent evidence on plastic micro particles in bottled water has shaken this assumption), in our view it is not a good solution as consuming bottled mineral water is expensive, not practical given the need to purchase and transport heavy bottles, and is extremely damaging to the environment.

At Homespring we offer an economic, environmental and healthy alternative to bottled mineral water: filtered tap water.  We select the best water filtration technologies that exist in the world and sell them directly to consumers and businesses so they can enjoy all the benefits of drinking clean, great tasting and healthy water.


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