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The 10 Pro is a standing, full functioning reverse osmosis system. The system comes with a steel stand for easy installation, pH stabilizer, antibacterial, alkaline and oxygen filters. The 5 filter system incorporates nano technology filters and Quick Change Filter Technology for low cost maintenance.

The 10 Pro is designed for use in residential (for home) drinking water applications. The system is installed under the kitchen counter with a secondary faucet installed on the sink. The system is an economic model which is best utilized in homes with up to 30 litres of daily filtered water consumption.

Main features and advantages
  • Reverse Osmosis technology
  • Compact model that fits under your kitchen sink
  • Ideal for a small family (up to 30 litres of daily filtered water)
  • Nano technology water for high contaminant removal
  • Re-mineralises your water post filtration
  • Produces pH enhanced water
  • Easy to install filter with quick-connect filter elements
  • Economic model with small footprint
  • Multi-stage RO filter system
  • Filter life for all eight filters is 12 months, allowing you to replace them all the same time
  • Standing bracket (no mounting required)
  • Requires no electricity

The first and second stage pre-filters are infused with Zinc nanoparticles that activate in water for antibacterial properties. The third stage reverse osmosis filter is composed of a semi-permeable membrane with 0.1 nano-meter sized pores. These pores can remove hundreds of thousands of different types of chemicals and compounds notwithstanding 99.99% of microorganisms. The fourth stage mixes magnesium with purified water on an atomic scale to bind up free hydrogen atoms. This binding process increases the purified water pH with natural minerals to give it a very healthy finish.

The system also includes a post-filter stage to anti-oxidise, enhance the pH, and further enrich the purified water. The final stage mineral filter has a perfect balance of necessary minerals for the healthy maintenance and function of the human body.

Technical Specifications
  • System capacity: 5 Litres / Hour @ 3 Bar
  • Incoming pressure: 3 Bar Min
  • Incoming TDS: 600 PPM Max
  • Tank capacity: 12 Litres
  • Not pumped
Faucet Options (Standard/Included)

The filter is supplied as standard with either a separate stainless steel faucet that is connected to the sink, or a “3 way tap” can be installed that replaces the existing kitchen tap and allows normal cold/hot water and filtered water to pass through.  The cost of each faucet (as desired) is included.


  • System dimensions: 21 (L) x 36 (W) x 51 (H) cm
  • Tank dimensions: 23 (L) x 23 (W) x 35 (H) cm

Filter Type

Filter Replacement

  • Every 12 months
  • 10 Pro (full replacement pack)

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    Marc Dowse

    Really happy with the product and the quality of our water! Very efficient service – thank you Homespring!

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