HS 15 Luxury Water Softener




The HS 15 Luxury Water Softener is a compact and elegantly designed cabinet style residential water softener with an output of up to 4000 liters of softened water per day. It is ideal for medium sized apartments or homes (2-4 persons).

The system consists of a 15 liter resin tank yielding a softened water output of 4000 liters per day and is designed to be used in point of entry to flats or houses, or before industrial grade equipment such as dishwashers, washing machines, boilers, etc.

The system works in both metered and time based mode for minimal salt consumption, waste generation and downtime. The system also has smart water capabilities, all operations except loading the system with salt are fully automatic.

The HS 15 Luxury Water Softener produces the softest water possible at the highest efficiency. The elegantly designed system is one of the most technologically advanced water softening systems in the world.

Main Features and Advantages:
  • Produces excellent softened water: ideal for bathing and protects domestic appliances (eliminates scale and increases lifetime)
  • Hair and skin will feel smooth and silky after bathing
  • Ideal for medium sized households (2-4 persons)
  • Fully automatic system, no manual intervention required to operate except loading with salt
  • Smart capabilities; the system decides when to regenerate for maximum efficiency
  • Works in both metered and time based mode for minimum salt consumption
  • Cost effective solution for high quality softened water
  • No effect to household water pressure
Technical Specifications:
  • Meter Delayed + Time Based Control valve
  • 1” BSPP Inlet / Outlet – ½” Drain
  • 1” bypass valve
  • 110 – 220 VAC / 50-60 Hz Electricity
  • Capacity up to 4000 liters / day
  • 15 liters NSF certified resin
  • 25 cm x 43 cm NSF certified resin tank
  • 25 Kg Net Weight
Operational Specifications
  • Regeneration cycle once every 5-6 days
  • 150 – 160 liters used per regeneration cycle
  • 1.92 kg of salt used per regeneration cycle


System Dimensions: 53 cm (L) x 33 cm (W) x 62 cm (H)


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