Water Filter Installation



The installation service includes all labour and materials to set up your water filter in your home. We will contact you separately after you have completed your order to arrange a suitable time for our engineers to install your water filter.

Please be aware that if you do not have an electric socket near to where the water filter will be installed and you have chosen a water filter that requires electricity, it may be necessary to install an electrical socket which will incur an additional fee of CHF 250 (including VAT). If think you may require an electric socket to be installed or are not sure please let us know beforehand.

The only products we sell that require electricity are: 20 Pro, Vega Ultra, Nova Pro Direct Flow, Kyra 300 and Kyra 600.

*** Please be aware that currently we only offer the installation service in Switzerland. We are working to offer the installation service internationally. Please Contact Us if you require assistance with installation outside Switzerland and we will try to assist you. ***


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